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Vincent van Rijn was born in The Netherlands, in the city of Haarlem (Near to Amsterdam).As a child he was already interested in the history of World War II.
Also a real passion for photography started at an early age. Today, he still has a passion for photography and made this his profession.

Since 2009 Vincent started with WWII then and now photography and has visited & photographed many historical WWII photolocations.

He is also the founder of the Facebookpage WWII Normandy Then & Now which is online since august 2013 on Facebook.
And the facebookgroupe: WWII Then & Now Europe which already counts more than 1000 members.

For a long time Vincent was working on a plan to make an interactive Then & Now page. The intention is to reach the young generations and to show them that recent
spots that look quite ordinary, were sad war scenes during WWII. This caused a lot of suffering and sacrificing for a many young brave soldiers and poor citizens.

In 2014 the time had come to finish his plan and start the beautiful website:  and facebookpage: Worldwar2-PhotoFinder